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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Eric Dane And Rebecca Gayheart’s Relationship

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Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have been married for over a decade now. Even though there have been a few instances when these two have landed in the gossip rags, they have otherwise kept a surprisingly low profile, so low in fact that most people tend to forget that they are even married. These two are going to be celebrating 13 years of marriage so, in honor of their anniversary, check out these 7 things most people don’t know about the ultra-private couple:

7. Meeting

The couple only dated for ten months before they were married. According to Dane, how they met isn’t a particularly interesting story. “It’s probably one of the least interesting stories in the world. It went basically like this: ‘You wanna go out?’ ‘Yeah, sure.’ Ten months later, we were married,” he told Flaunt magazine.

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6. Proposal

The two got married after Gayheart dared him to propose to her. “We were having dinner at a restaurant and she asked me if I ever did anything impulsive and I said, ‘Like what? Ask someone to marry me?’’ and she said, ‘Yeah, something like that,’ and I said, ‘Do you want to marry me…?’” he told WENN. “I was terrified and she said, ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘Check,’ we got the check, jumped in my car, we got the last flight out of Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We’ve been happily married ever since and we have two beautiful little girls.”

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