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16 TV Shows With The Worst Series Finales

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 23:13 PM / No Comments / 81 views

We all watch with anticipation as our favorite shows develop through the seasons and take us on an epic journey of storylines with memorable characters for the ages. Unfortunately, unless the show is Coronation Street, the series must eventually come to an end! As I’m sure you gathered from the title, this is article comes with a spoiler alert discretionary! Consider yourself forewarned as we countdown some of the worst series finales of all time!

16. Roseanne

Alright, so the inclusion of this show may seem a bit dated. Like, haven’t we got over this one yet? The answer is a resounding NO! This sitcom was groundbreaking for its time and paved the way for other blue collar, realistic-problem based shows, and that adds to the difficulty of swallowing the ghastly mess that was the series finale. The absurdity ensues when during the final season the Conner family wins the lottery and begins playing out romantic dream-like sequences (i.e. Rosanne imagines herself on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.) But by the finale, we learn that none of that really happened, and Rosanne is simply writing her autobiography the way she wishes it happened. Her beloved husband, Dan, actually died from the heart attack he’d suffered and in order to cope with the disorientation and pain, Rosanne takes up scripting her own life on paper. The whole “it was all a dream” thing didn’t sit well with audiences, and the Rosanne finale is one of the most notorious of all time!



15. Weeds

Weeds began as a popular social satire of subtle genius, but in its latter years, it certainly had lost much of its charm and fan base. Problem one with the Weeds finale: it should have come much sooner. Problem two: it was a complete cop out. The flash forward ending to the future of a legal empire that cost Nancy her loved ones didn’t quite manage to wrap up all the loose ends, and it kind of seemed like the writers just gave up. The way too brief cameo appearances of former cast members, paired with Nancy’s lack of redemption or personal growth, left a lot to be desired. Moral of the story: the series went up in smoke. Congratulations on the ironic ending!



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