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13 Highest Paid Child TV Stars Of All Time

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 04 Jul 2018 17:55 PM / No Comments / 124 views

It is not news that the leads on TV’s biggest shows can rake in a lot of money for one season or even just one episode of their show, but what about when those leads are children? TV’s child stars have seen a huge change in the amount they get paid over the years with some earning over $120,000 an episode whereas Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen only used to make $2,500 each when on Full House. Of course, the child star’s age and the network play a huge part in determining pay, and it seems these child stars got by just fine with their television roles. Here are 13 of the highest paid child TV stars of all time:

13. Eris Baker – This Is Us

The child actors of This Is Us have been nothing short of terrific, and while for the most part their salaries are kept under wraps, it is no secret that everyone on the cast got huge bonuses after the incredible success of the show. It was revealed, however, that Eris Baker, who plays Randall and Beth’s oldest daughter Tess Pearson, made a substantial $112,500 for season one of the show for which she was only in nine episodes. Along with the rest of the cast, Baker got a raise for seasons two and three and has now made $298,140 and season three hasn’t even premiered yet!


12. Demi Lovato – Sonny With a Chance

Before she was making millions off of her music, Demi Lovato was one of Disney’s most popular young stars with the starring role in the sitcom Sonny With a Chance. The series only lasted two seasons but Lovato earned $12,000 per episode of the series which padded her bank account before she even turned 18. Now, Lovato has only added to her earnings from her days as a Disney star and has a whopping estimated net worth of $33 million.

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