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10 Popular Celebrities Who Rarely Give Interviews

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 01:32 AM / No Comments / 65 views

Being a top entertainer in Hollywood means being in the spotlight pretty consistently, but as some celebrities have discovered, they really don’t like too much attention on them. Almost every star has been the victim of being misquoted or found themselves at the center of a tabloid story that is false, and because of this, a lot of celebrities haven’t had great relationships with the media. Although the release of a new movie or new album often comes with the commitment of a press tour, there are some huge Hollywood stars that fans really don’t hear that much from because of their aversion to interviews. Here are 10 popular celebrities who rarely, if ever, give interviews:

10. Beyonce

In terms of celebrity, Beyonce has seemingly extended into a level all of her own and her fans have made her an icon. Due to this, many forget that Beyonce is a normal human like everyone else and that image of her is helped because she rarely speaks out to let fans get to know the real Beyonce. While she is definitely not shy of the spotlight with many appearances at Hollywood’s biggest events, it is less common for Beyonce to actually do an interview while there and this tactic helps the star separate Beyonce the brand and Beyonce the person. Around 2013 to 2014, she stopped giving face-to-face interviews and in May of 2015 someone on her team told an inquiring reporter that the star had not answered a direct question in more than a year. In September of that year Beyonce was Vogue‘s cover star, yet not any part of it includes a quote from her, and although she rarely says a word to the press, it has in no way stopped her popularity. On top of it all, the star is notorious for having complete control of any image of her or her family that is released and when she does have something to say, she makes sure her team is in charge of everything, not a media outlet.

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9. Kanye West

Kanye West’s relationship with the media went downhill and fast in a short period of time. The rapper and fashion designer used to be one of the most confident celebrity interviewees out there, but after his bizarre interviews and as the things he said became more and more ridiculed, West began to pull back. Since he began saying less and less, West has done a silent interview with New York Magazine and also been to interviews with others where he doesn’t say anything at all! Although he hasn’t stopped giving interviews all together, they have become few and far between, and always seem on the edge of turning hostile at any minute. For quite some time he preferred to get his message out there via his own social media accounts.

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